“Tuesday Talks” Event Highlights Importance of Rest for Mental Health

by Ellen Weinstein

During Mental Health Awareness Month, PRSA NJ’s Stephanie Reed, Board Member and Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Chair, had an enlightening Instagram live Tuesday Talks with Natalie Cosby, Founder and CEO of Stacked Yoga, on the importance of rest as a practice of personal healing and community wellness, particularly for historically marginalized people in the U.S.

A PRSA survey of PR and communications professionals showed that:

  • Over 51% of individuals only take 0 – 3 days off at a time
  • Thinking about work impacts sleep; 46% at least once a week and 17% daily
  • 20% don’t take lunch breaks
  • 56% do not participate in programs that improve mental health or physical well being

According to Natalie, with all the violence and trauma and in the world, including mass shootings and repealing womxn’s rights, leaders need guidance and resources to support all their employees and help them process their feelings. Employees need a space to discuss what is traumatizing them because the harm is present in people’s minds and carried in their bodies when they are “in the office” in person and virtually. It is necessary to allocate time to relax and not normalize experiencing toxic feelings.

Natalie suggests yoga, taking walks and hikes, and finding what brings you joy. Unplug your brain and most of all — honor yourself. Whatever you do, make sure it’s sustainable. We need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically to be the best we can be.

Head over to Instagram to follow Stacked Yoga (@stackedyoga) and Stephanie (@stephanie_reedconsulting).

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