PRSA NJ Member Spotlight: Dalya Ewais

Greetings PRSA New Jersey! Here is our next PRSA NJ Member Spotlight to get to know our fellow chapter members. Each month, we randomly select a member to highlight. This month, we are featuring one of our board members, Dalya Ewais.

Dalya Ewais
Director, Office of Communications
New Jersey Department of Health

PRSA NJ member since December 2018

How did you get into the field of PR? 
My first internship as a Communications major was in TV broadcast for a major network news channel, and I quickly learned that this path wasn’t for me. A friend suggested an internship opportunity in the Comms/PR office at Liberty Science Center, and I felt at home! I love telling stories, public outreach, helping shape opinions, and seeing how the impact of my work can change lives. And PR allows you to do that in so many ways.

What do you love most about PR?
The “R” part of PR… relations! I love working with people and building relationships built on trust. As a PR professional, we get the opportunity to build that trust for organizations, companies, brands through the work that we do

What is one of your most valuable experiences in PR?
Being a public servant is so humbling and incredibly rewarding. In the past, working in the New Jersey Senate ignited a passion for civic duty that I never knew I had. It inspired me to
take an active role in sharing my excitement and educating others about why it’s important to be informed and involved.

In my current role as Director of Communications at a New Jersey state agency, I am ever so proud and privileged to continue my public service in a state that I love and call home while also doing what I love professionally. And being able to influence change and make a positive difference in people’s lives and the communities in which we live – what can be more valuable than that?

What is the value of being a member of PRSA NJ? 
As a professional organization, PRSA NJ provides an incredible opportunity for networking and connecting with individuals who are in the same field and region, and can relate to the very same issues you face in your work. And those same individuals also each bring a collection of unique experiences and diverse perspectives that they can share with you and other members to expand the collective knowledge base. Imagine all of that and so much more – the workshops and other programming, the discussion threads, the conferences… It’s a win-win for access to professional development opportunities and cultivating relationships.