PRSA NJ Member Spotlight: Christopher Vancheri

Happy Spring PRSA New Jersey! Here is our next PRSA NJ Member Spotlight to get
to know our fellow chapter members. Each month, we randomly select a member to highlight. This month, we are featuring Christopher Vancheri.

Christopher Vancheri

Assistant Director, Corporate Communications
Eisai, Inc.
PRSA NJ member since September 2002

How did you get into the field of PR?
My first opportunity in the field of PR happen when I was in college at William Paterson University during my senior year. At the time, I was debating whether or not to pursue either becoming a reporter or entering the world of PR after I graduated. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to intern at a small home care agency working with the PR director for a semester. This was one of the best decisions I ever made as I immediately knew the field I wanted to be in after graduation was PR. The internship allowed me to better understand the role of a PR professional and the impact that we can have on those that receive the information we help create.

What do you love most about PR?
After working in PR for 23 years, I enjoy that the field continues to evolve year after year. There was a time where many of us spent hours stuffing press kits full of media materials that would be mailed to reporters with the hope that some of them would write a story in a week or two. Now, we find ourselves updating reporters with information that can change by the minute. I’ve also said that every day you learn something new in this field. Never take for granted that you know it all as you don’t. Being opened-minded to thinking out of the box, and doing something different has been a standard that was passed on to me by many mentors and I’ve tried to do the same over my career.

What is one of your most valuable experiences in PR?
For me, after spending all of my career in the health care sector, it never gets old when I have an opportunity to work on a regulatory milestone such as an FDA approval. The whole process from the behind the scenes work being done to ensure the PR materials and plan are ready to go, to when you get the call/email that the approval is here, there’s nothing like it. It may get crazy and at times it will be very stressful, but seeing the end result of coverage in the media where someone is telling the story you helped pull together and knowing that this milestone is going to help someone to me is why we do what we do.

What is the value of being a member of PRSA NJ?
Being a part of the PRSA NJ organization has allowed me to keep track of all of the latest and greatest within our industry. Not to mention, the resources that are available to members continue to expand. Let’s also not forget the opportunities for members to volunteer and the networking sessions allow members to meet new people, build relationships and enjoy talking about the field we love.

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