PRSA NJ Member Spotlight: Camille Copeland

Welcome to the PRSA NJ Member Spotlight, where you can get to know our fellow chapter members. This month, we are featuring Camille Copeland.

Camille Copeland

Associate Director, Public Relations & Communications – Maternity Care Coalition
PRSA Member since July 2023

How did you get into the field of PR?
I’ve always been a great storyteller at heart. Who doesn’t love a great story? Everyone has the potential to be a great storyteller. Some are naturally great at it while others are not. Fortunately, I have natural flair and passion to tell a great story. With the help of my colleagues and former professors at Seton Hall University, I was able to turn my passion into purpose. Behind every brand, there’s a story. I want to be the one to tell it!

What do you love most about PR?
Aside from the art of great storytelling, what I love the most about PR is being able to make an impact. Every brand’s story has a message, voice and a tone. Knowing how to set the tone, what voice you are using and what impression you want to make is what makes PR engaging, innovative and powerful. There’s no better feeling than creating impactful messaging that can lead to someone taking action. This makes my work purposeful and fulfilling.

What is one of your most valuable experiences in PR?
My most valuable PR experience was managing an annual expo at a previous organization. From creating the media release, revamping the marketing collateral, to managing the event itself, I took pride in rebranding and re-establishing this brand’s presence within its community.

Forming great relationships with team members and being able to tell their service line’s story was key to the expo’s success. This ultimately increased business to its respective service lines as well.

What is the value of being a member of PRSA NJ?
Being a PRSA NJ member will enrich every PR professional’s experience. Whether you’re new or a seasoned PR professional, you will learn something new and beneficial to your career and personal development. I love it here!

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