PRSA NJ Board Members Participate in Tri-State District Conference Presentations

More than 200 people attended the PRSA Tri-State District conference this week, which was held at Convene in Midtown Manhattan.

In addition to the opening keynote and two TED Talk-style sessions on storytelling and crisis communications, attendees participated in more than a dozen sessions throughout the day. Main stage panel discussions and breakout room topics featured dynamic speakers on leadership, trust and reputation, internal communications, beauty and fashion, social impact and inclusion, measurement, and more.

PRSA NJ President Stephanie K. Reed moderated the “Power Within: Building Effective Internal Communications” panel.

Panelists: Mariana Agathoklis Schlock, Stephanie K. Reed, Ashlyn Delson, and Clara Mattucci

“It was exciting to host a talk on internal PR and communications where people shared strategic and creative approaches to building trust and community through internal communications. It was refreshing to see networking and idea connections happen throughout the session,” Stephanie reflected.

Program and Events Committee Chair Toni-Anne Blake participated in the “Trust: PR’s Most Valuable Currency” panel.

“I enjoyed being a panelist and participating in a lively and engaging discussion on trust.  It was a compelling reminder of the core work of public relations – to engender goodwill so that our audiences will be open and accepting of our messages,” said Toni-Anne.

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