On June 17th, PRSA NJ teamed up with AMA NJ to host the second event in the Young Pros series, “Navigating the PRofessional World: Negotiating like a Pro (Even If You’re Not).” The event was moderated by young pros from both AMA and PRSA, Abigail Gardener and Camryn Hadley, PRSA’s 2020 Future PR Professional of the Year.


This hot topic event included professional advice from top industry professionals, including Accelerations Group Certified Executive Coach Emily Nichols-Mitchell, Beacon Hill Staffing Group Account Executive Delaney Russel, Georgian Court Director of Career Services University Ceceilia O’Callaghan, and Quest Human Resources Executive Michelle Ricardo.


The lively and informative discussion included what to expect during salary negotiations, the value of benefits, and what to look for when on the job hunt. Audience members were able to ask their own questions as well, including how to find the right company culture fit while virtually interviewing. Attendees were also invited to connect with panelists and other participants via social media and email.


All future Young Pros events can be found by following PRSA NJ on social media including the new PRSA NJ Instagram account.

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