By Michael Lauer and Shana Walther, 

PRSA-NJ Pyramid Award Committee Leaders 

This year, our annual PRSA NJ Pyramid Awards will be hosted once again in the fall. While this breaks with tradition, the hope is to have some in-person engagement for those that would like to attend the Awards event. For those who have attended previously, you know it’s a fun-filled night of networking and celebrating successes.

In the coming weeks, all PRSA NJ members and non-members will be able to submit recent work from 2020 and early 2021 to any of our revamped categories. Details will be forthcoming when a formal call for submissions is announced in early May. To prepare, below are several tips to help your team maximize a chance for bringing home your very own Pyramid.

  1. Review all categories and find the one that is most appropriate. This year several of the legacy categories will be streamlined to make submissions and judging more competitive. Your submission should align to the category that is most appropriate based on the intended goals of your campaign.
  2. Articulate the positive impact of the work. Not all campaigns are created equal, but nearly all are designed to “move the needle” in some way. Articulating how much you moved the needle, and more importantly why, is key to success.
  3. Provide metrics to support your nomination. Just as you use both qualitative and quantitative metrics to gauge success of your programs, so do the Awards judges. Including data points and testimonials will significantly increase your chances of being recognized over the competition.

Hopefully, these tips are insightful as we fast approach another season to recognize and celebrate the fantastic communications work taking place across New Jersey. Keep your eyes out for an upcoming webinar on May 12 for additional tips on how to win a Pyramid Award this year. Please consider submitting your work—who knows, maybe you can walk away with one (or several!) coveted crystal Pyramid Awards.

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