Six Tips to Freshen Up Your Content Marketing for Spring

By Deirdre A. Lopian

Communications Chair/Social Media Chair

Creative Director, Deirdre Lopian Public Relations, LLC

The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, birds are chirping, pollen is everywhere, it is official…spring has sprung!

With revitalization happening all around us, have you given any thought to changing your content marketing strategies? 

Spring is about awakening and growth, so use this special season as an opportunity to remind your target audience of your products and services with fresh marketing content that will increase your brand increase awareness, generate new leads, and grow your business.

Below are six strategies that will make your content marketing bloom for spring.

1. Seasonal Branding

Spring is all about renewal, which makes it the perfect time to incorporate seasonal branding into your digital marketing content. Spring seasonal branding is not a rebrand, it is as simple as using bright vibrant colors, new visuals and spring elements to your digital marketing content.

Regardless of how large your following is on social media, it’s normal for brands to experience a lull in engagement. Followers tend to become indifferent to content after seeing the same logo, graphics and colors when scrolling through their feeds after long periods of time.

By adding brighter hues in your logo and using energetic, colorful graphics you’re now distinguishing your content from competitors. These small changes will re-engage your current audience while grabbing the attention of new prospects as well as resulting in an increase of brand awareness, traffic, engagement and possibly conversions.

Keep in mind, adding seasonal branding to your content marketing strategy doesn’t mean walking away from your original logo or your brand message.  It’s simply an extension of your brand with subtle changes of colors, themes and elements.

2. Spring Clean Your Inventory

Springtime is synonymous with spring cleaning.  The time of year when people re-organize their homes and get rid of old stuff to make room for bright new decor. 

Businesses should do some spring cleaning of their own.  Relax, you can put the Swiffer duster down, I don’t mean literally.

Start by taking the time to evaluate your services. Is there anything you offer that is no longer profitable or working for your brand? If so, then remove it.

By getting rid of what is no longer profitable for your brand, you now have more time and energy to focus on services that are generating revenue for you. BONUS: Less stress, more time, and more money!

If you’re a retailer, gather up your stagnant fall and winter inventory and create a digital marketing campaign to clear out that space withdiscounts and giveaways.

Consumers love free stuff and social media giveaway contests are easy and inexpensive to execute. They also drive your following and engagement through the roof. 

Not feeling the giveaway, no problem, consumers also love great deals!  Run special discounts for loyal clients and new customers and still make a profit off of product that wasn’t moving anyway.

Spring cleaning your inventory might not give you a complete ROI, but these strategies will generate brand awareness, new followers, new customers, increased engagement, and delight loyal consumers.

3. Tax Theme Incentives

If you’re like me, you don’t submit your taxes until April 14th at 11:59pm. The good news is, most of America isn’t like me, making Spring an optimal time to create tax themed marketing content that encourages consumers to spend a portion of their newly issued tax refund on your brand’s products or services.

According to Yahoo Finance, in 2019 the average American will receive approximately $3,000 on their federal tax return and reports show a significant percentage will use this money to splurge on home improvement, electronics, a new car or personal indulgences (think vacation or spa). 

With extra money in their bank accounts that they want to spend; there are so many opportunities to build creative marketing campaigns that entice consumers to make them feel as if they are rewarding themselves by spending a portion of their tax refund with your business.

4. Host an Outdoor Event

In a recent article by Michelle Garrett (with insight from yours truly),  4 PR Tactics to Support Your Event Marketing, software app Bizzabo reported that businesses are looking to live events to drive awareness and their bottom line. According to the report, an astounding, 41% of marketers consider event marketing a crucial tactic to achieve their company’s overall business goals.

Building meaningful relationships outside in your community is as important as the ones you build online.

Spring’s warm weather and sunshine brings people out of their houses and outside looking for new activities. If your business has a physical location or ability to use a public space, organize an outdoor event that ties to your brand that will create memorable experience that your community can enjoy with their friends and family.

For example, if you are a fitness studio, host a health and wellness expo. Leverage relationships with local business by partnering with brands that complement yours such as the local physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, athletic apparel store, and farmer’s market or health food store to create an immersive outdoor event for your entire community.

Hosting an outdoor event will give your business an edge over your competitors by giving you face-to-face interaction with customers and prospects, where they can meet you, establish a more personal relationship and get to experience your products and sample your services.

5. Repurpose Your Marketing Content

Did you know home improvement brands see an increase in sales in the spring? That’s because once the snow has melted away, people feel a renewed sense of energy and are inspired to renovate in their homes and buy new decor to rejuvenate their living space.

Brands can do the same by pulling successful past marketing content campaigns off the shelf and repurposing them into fresh, relevant content.

Turn a presentation into a webinar, a blog into a checklist, an ebook into a SlideShare or take multiple social media graphics and design one infographic. The concepts are endless, but you get the idea.

The key is to keep your repurposed content as creative and appealing as the original to continue to engage audiences. 

Repurposing content is an efficient strategy that extends the lifetime value of your content by taking something you already created and know s successful and giving it new life. BONUS: It also reduces the time you spend trying to create and execute new content marketing campaigns.

6. Experiment with New Content

When it comes to creating a marketing budget, I advise my clients to allocate:

70% to what they know works

20% on what they have seen work for similar brands but haven’t tried themselves

10% to something out of their comfort zone and experiment with new content

Spring is all about rebirth, making it time to get out of the same marketing content routine, spice up your creativity and dare I say try something new!

It’s time to spend that 10% and reach out to that influencer you always wanted to collaborate with, start that YouTube channel, update your website, but get out of your digital comfort zone and into a completely new marketing initiative that aligns with your business goals.

Do not get discouraged if you fail, and to be honest, you probably will the first time. Embarking on new digital transformation strategies will take time. Simply dust yourself off, review what worked and eliminate what didn’t, but keep moving forward. 

Before starting any marketing content campaign, savvy marketers know that in order to maximize the effectiveness and drive results, you need to know who your audience is, so be sure your buyer personas are defined first.

Additionally, when creating spring marketing campaign, don’t overreach just to capitalize on a trend or topic. Your marketing content should always align with your business goals and complement your brand.

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