PRSA NJ Mentoring Program Expands to Include PRSSA NJ Seniors

PRSA NJ has extended its one-on-one professional mentoring program to include PRSSA  student members who are in their senior year and attending a college or university in NJ. Our focused, six-month engagement pairs senior level professionals who have 15 or more years of experience with junior and mid-level professionals, as well as PRSSA NJ students in their senior year. The pairs are encouraged to work together for six months and focus on one or two goals that the mentee wants to achieve during that time. If the partners want to continue to work together after the six months they can, but they are encouraged to try out a shorter, intensive mentoring experience.

In addition to working on specific goals, we believe that the relationship that develops will provide additional, long-lasting benefits to both people. Mentees will gain self-confidence, learn to take better control of their careers, gain new interpersonal and professional insights and strategies and much more. Mentors will benefit, too. Besides the good feeling of “giving back,” they will get new perspectives and ideas from their mentees. To apply, click here.

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