PRSA Foundation Awards First Chester Burger Scholarship for Excellence in Public Relations to Seton Hall University’s Ashley Manz

New York (December 2015) — The PRSA Foundation has awarded its Chester Burger Scholarship for Excellence in Public Relations to Ashley Manz, a Seton Hall University graduate student.

Manz, who earned her undergraduate degree in Public Relations at Seton Hall, where she served as President of the University’s Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, is currently pursing her Masters of Public Administration, with a double concentration in nonprofit organization management and public service: leadership, governance, and poAshley Manzlicy. She has extensive experience in public relations at firms including Beckerman Public Relations, R&J Public Relations and the mcgraw group. In 2013, Manz was honored with Seton Hall University’s ROPE in Success award. The annual award acknowledges one tri-state area employee who has shared exceptional mentoring and support with Seton Hall University public relations students, interns and graduates.

Chester Burger is considered one of the preeminent leaders in the public relations profession, literally shaping the discipline. Burger’s career spanned from being the country’s first television news reporter for the then fledgling CBS network to becoming a prized counselor to senior executives at numerous blue chip companies. He was instrumental in establishing public relations as a management discipline and an integral part of the policy making process of well-managed corporations.

“With the Burger Scholarship, the PRSA Foundation encourages students to pursue corporate careers that demonstrate the essential role of the public relations function in helping an organization attain its goals in a manner consistent with the public interest, the precepts of sound business and the needs of key stakeholders,” said Lou Capozzi,president of the Foundation.

Scholarship candidates are evaluated based on academic achievement, leadership, practical experience and an essay summarizing their views about why the corporate public relations function must be deeply engaged in C-suite discussions that address corporate reputation, change management, brand and issue management, ethics and social responsibility.

“Ashley did an excellent job in her essay of articulating her own interest in better understanding the organizational role of the corporate public relations function regarding C-Suite discussions and decisions affecting communication mandates that address corporate reputation and internal change management,” explained Capozzi. “She also demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in her public relations roles and is passionate to contributing and advancing the field of public relations.

“I am honored to be recognized by the PRSA Foundation and aligned with a prestigious public relations pioneer, Chester Burger,” said Manz. “As a young public relations professional, I have been lucky to experience many facets of the PR industry. After working at Beckerman Public Relations with clients from the consumer industry to the healthcare industry, I realized that there is a greater need to incorporate strategic decision making amongst corporate organizations. I am deeply grateful for the financial contributions the scholarship provided toward the pursuit of my master’s degree.”

Upon graduation, Manz hopes to obtain a corporate communication position, using her MPA degree to help address issues around corporate reputation, internal change management, brand and issue management, ethics, social responsibility and other related areas.

About the PRSA Foundation

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