President’s Letter

Message from the President,Kristine Simoes, APR
October 2015


“There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.” – Tommy Lasorda

As I end this presidency, I’m excited to have built so many new relationships with those who indeed make it happen here at PRSA NJ. Although, I do look forward to less emails, less ccs, meeting agendas, questions, and phone calls, I will miss my daily interaction with our team’s chapter administrator, Andrea Bower, who has the unique ability to remain warm, while firm and on top of all details.

I am grateful to have worked with the top players in our field in the interest of our members. Each season, we’ve surveyed your interests, developed solid planning, and offered successful programs.

The members of our board of directors remain PRSA NJ’s star players. They have worked tirelessly on and off the field to lead this chapter while juggling the full time demands of careers, family, and personal lives, I am grateful to each and every one of them.

These professionals truly ‘make it happen’ for those who ‘watch it happen.’

  • Jennifer Tornetta, Past President, you helped me transition with guidance, reassurance and laughter. You are truly the Shirley to my Laverne.
  • Ken Hunter, Membership Chair, you help me pretend I know what I’m talking about most of time with regards to membership, national issues and chapter history. BaBaBooey.
  • Loren Waldron, Vice President, you take on our biggest event of the year, and manage to make it as a success time after time.
  • Joan Bosisio, Digital Chair, PRSSA Adviser, you coordinate the impossible, keeping all of our social media current and somehow make our updates happen in a split second.
  • Joe Gargiulo, Treasurer, you have the no joke job of keeping the books and a level head at all times.
  • Ken Jacobs, Senior Practitioners Chair, you never seem to run out of ideas for new programs or strategies.
  • Cecilia Coakley, Director at Large, your strong work ethic and tenacity got our Business Case for PR project off the ground.
  • Tony Ciavolella, Events Chair, your willingness to take on our programs has enabled us to expand our offerings.
  • Annamaria Lalevee, Secretary, your initiative and work kept our meetings on track.
  • Kathy Donahue Rennie, APR Chair, your commitment to our chapter, its members and its future success is infectious. You’re a sister from another mister.
  • Irene Maslowski, APR Co-Chair, your expertise, guidance, and focus enabled us to offer our first chapter APR.
  • Ilana Zalika, Newsletter Editor, for joining us and taking on such a huge job right out of the gate.
  • Chris Biddle, Director At Large, your willingness to always step up to the plate enables you to walk the talk.
  • Ann Willets, Ethics Chair, your leadership and positive spirit has made you one of our most sought after panelists.
  • And finally, to our incoming president, David Patti, your vast skill set, wit and attention to details make you a great leader.

Bottom line, this is a great organization and I am grateful to have shared in a part of it. I know we will continue to gain traction in our membership and I don’t see how we can lose given our talented and inspiring team members.

So, join us this winter, for another exciting season. Bring a colleague to one of our programs and send us your ideas so we can continue to serve you.

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