Biddle’s PR Muse: Measuring the Effectiveness and ROI of PR Campaigns

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

Image courtesy of ddpavumba at

By Chris Biddle, President, BiddlePR

We take a five-step approach to measuring the value and effectiveness of our clients’ PR campaigns. This approach ensures that measurement is NOT an after-thought, but is an integral part of any PR campaign strategy from the get go.

1) Ask Why – We start by asking clients why they want to engage in a particular PR campaign. What specific outcomes do they seek? (More “publicity” or “visibility” doesn’t count because it’s too amorphous to measure.)

2) Align with Business Goals – Next we identify the bottom line business goals the client seeks to achieve or support through the campaign. It’s essential that all PR campaigns be closely aligned with every client’s business strategy. This gives the campaign immediate value.

3) ID Target Audiences – Then we identify the target audiences the client seeks to influence during the campaign. Who are they? How does the client want them to respond? What changes in their attitudes, behaviors or actions are desired?

4) Set Measurable Objectives – Setting clear, measurable and time-constrained objectives lies at the heart of every good PR plan. This is where decisions are made about what communications media and PR tactics will be used, and what messages will engage respective target audiences. Depending on chosen media and tactics, there are many ways to collect date and measure outcomes, among them:
• Pre-, mid- and post-campaign surveys of target audience members
• Actionable web landing pages unique to the campaign
• Social media engagement (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
• Website SEO and Google Analytics
• Measuring and ranking the quality of earned news media

5) Measure Impact and Adjust – During the campaign, and at its conclusion, analyze the collected data to determine if the campaign is having or has had the desired impact on the attitudes, behaviors and/or actions of target audiences. Adjust the campaign if necessary.

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