Message From the President


By Kris Simoes, APRSaint Peter's University
PRSA NJ President

Whenever you leave behind failure, that means you’re doing better. If you think everything you’ve done has been great, then you’re probably just dumb. Louis CK

This quarter, we at PRSA NJ are putting that statement to task. We want to use the past to help us plan for the future. As public relations professionals we know we can’t ‘think’ our way to greatness, nor represent the interests of our clients, our employers, or our organizations without some research.

We’re not dumb, so, as the weather grows chilly, PRSA NJ is warming up to get to know you, our members, so we can provide events, and programs in your interest.

We started with a Board planning session back in July and launched a membership survey in early September. Last month, we met again to review the results and held an intense development meeting to review the results.

We identified who our membership is, what our membership wants and where our chapter is heading. We detected key issues, field trends and changes we face as public relations professionals. We deliberated specific issues we face in this ever-changing field and identified two critical concepts – a better understanding of the changing face of PR and the value PR brings to decision makers at the highest levels.

This led to the 2015 PRSA NJ Theme: The Evolution of Public Relations which is covered in a separate article by President Elect, David Patti. PRSA NJ’s The Evolution of PR will feature themed quarterly programs and events in the interest of our members.

In keeping with this theme, we’ll roll out our 2015 Strategic Plan and Programming Calendar later this year. There are excellent opportunities for new and longtime members to get involved; whether you’re looking for professional development or networking.

We’re looking forward to 2015 to get to know you, and for you to know us, so we can find out just how great (or not so great) we’re doing. We’re going to continue with our surveys and possibly reach out after each program to gauge your satisfaction.

In addition to our larger quarterly events, we continue offer subgroup meetings (Senior Pros, Small Agency Pros and New Pros) that provide smaller get-togethers.

Visit our Leadership page for contacts or reach out to us via social media for more information.

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